Colin Holloway, Global Head – Technical, will be attending the IBIA Mediterranean Energy and Shipping Conference in Malta this week, 13-15 September. The aim of the event is to take an in-depth look at ongoing issues in shipping and energy. The bunker industry had been anticipating a year of recovery in 2022, as the World’s economies started to put COVID-19 behind them, the war in Ukraine has sadly overturned any sense of stability in the markets. The industry now focuses to moving on from using products of Russian origin and cope with the knock-on effects of the war, whilst also adhering to the ensuing sanctions on various shipping segments. These subjects and many more will be reviewed in great detail at the event, being hosted at the Malta Marriott Hotel & Spa, St. Julian’s.

Colin will also be sitting on one of the panels at the conference, Session Six, where the panellists will review ‘Bunker Quality – How is it evolving?’. This session will take place on Thursday 15 September at 1:00 pm (UAE time) or 11:00 am locally in Malta.