Cockett Group will be attending IBIA’s New Regional Dynamics & the Move to a Green Shipping future event on Wednesday 22nd June 2022. Attendees, including our delegates, will gain first-hand insights and focus on understanding the regional challenges and successes in the bunkering and shipping sectors, as well as covering future aspects of the industry. The event will take place at the Raffles Hotel, Istanbul.
Local and international delegates will have the opportunity to hear from a strong line-up of panelists who will share their perspectives on recent geopolitical events. They will consider how the shipping and bunker industries will deal with the disruption in global oil, shipping, and bunker markets.
This conference provides an opportunity to discuss the short and long-term consequences that have been especially destabilizing to Turkey, the Black Sea, and the Mediterranean. A panel will also discuss the Mediterranean ECA proposal, which is currently being considered by the IMO, as well as its obvious impact on the regional bunker industry. Progress towards IMO's 2030 and 2050 goals, as well as potential future regulation, will be assessed.
Burcu Meselik, Team Leader – Turkey and Yigit Cicek, Senior Marketing Executive, will be in attendance as we look forward to participating in the event, and Cem Saral, Cockett Group CEO, will also be sitting on a panel discussing 'The Future of Carbon Regulation', alongside other leaders from around the industry. See you there!