Technical Support

Cockett Group’s dedicated in-house technical team consists of industry experts who offer in-depth proficiency in the fields of marine fuels and energy, marine engineering, physical supply, chemistry, fuel testing and inspection, marine fuel consultancy, as well as maritime legislation and regulation. They provide a comprehensive solution framework for all marine fuel related matters and challenges now and in the future.





We take a proactive approach to business relationships, working with our clients to understand their technical needs and support their physical operations whilst ensuring smooth and timely deliveries.

We protect and safeguard the interests of our clients, effectively handling any claims and disputes, with a specific focus on areas such as quantity claim, quality claim and time efficiency.

We have a globally diverse client base, from the smallest single ship owner to blue chip organisations; from oil majors and private companies to government sector departments.

Our diversity and flexibility enables us to swiftly adapt to meet the needs of our clients and remain profitable while maintaining a healthy balance sheet, regardless of market conditions.

Being ISO 9001 accredited, Cockett Group follows international standards and best practices. In line with ISO 9001 specifications, our quality management system is in place to ensure that our full suite of products and services meet international customer and regulatory requirements.

Our in-house technical team who manage the entire supplier vetting process, and judiciously selects all the suppliers and service providers we work with. The vetting process is based on a strict auditing protocol as follows:



Each supplier is required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire that covers a wide range of topics with questions related to areas such as: fuel products and available grades, cargo sources, storage and infrastructure, quality standards, low sulphur bunkers (if available), delivery documentation (a Bunker Delivery note copy is required to ensure MARPOL 73/78 compliance), ISO accreditation, SOLAS requirements, as well as terms and conditions of supply.


Performance Audit

All third-party providers are performance vetted on an annual basis. This audit includes a number of tests and surveys such as a quality assurance test that is in line with the ISO 9001 requirements, calibration management meetings, internal research, as well as general performance and proficiency testing. Those suppliers and service providers that pass our vetting process are entered onto our supplier database, which is the go-to source for relevant business partners once a request for proposal (RFP) is received. All of our listed partners are regularly reviewed via our auditing programme to ensure ongoing service, product offering and quality standards compliance.