Cockett Group is pleased to inform our global working partners of our upcoming 2023 Knowledge Series Events on "Regulatory Update and Fuel Quality Trends". The one-day conferences will be hosted at The Address Hotel in Istanbul on 27 September 2023, and at The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore on 15 November 2023.
While the shipping and marine fuels industries continue to pursue and add to decarbonization efforts, significant regulatory changes are in the pipeline that will impact the future of these industries. As part of our Group's ongoing efforts to promote and facilitate constructive dialogue and collaboration among industry participants around these key developments, the events will focus on three key areas:
1. Regulatory Update (IMO 2023 GHG Strategy, EU ETS Scheme, FuelEU Maritime Initiative, Med ECA, and EEXI&CII)
2. Current Fuel Quality Trends
3. Alternative Fuels Update (with a special focus on LNG, Methanol, Ammonia, and Biofuels)
The conferences will feature internal and external expert speakers and panellists sharing their perspectives on the agenda items above. They will be conducted under Chatham House rules to maximize participation.
These are invitation-only events. Please reach out to your Cockett representative for further information.