Mirezra Atin completed a 3-month Internship in our Singapore office on 17 May 2019:

"I had the opportunity to work as part of the event organising team for the Cockett Marine Oil IMO 2020 Knowledge Series in Singapore in April 2019 and it was an amazing opportunity. It required me to invest my time and hard work to be able to make the event a successful one. The event was attended by international guests and our colleagues from other offices. I gained such deep insight and a whole new level of event planning strategies that upgraded my personal set of skills. It was truly a pleasure to work with Martin, Gosia, Cem and also my co-workers who have guided me throughout the internship.

I was pleasantly surprised at how charitable Cockett Marine Oil was as a wide-scale company, and how they kept the community and environment  a priority as well. I loved the celebrations they held for birthdays, special occasions like Easter and International Women’s day, and how Cockett treats its employees with respect and provided such celebrations to make them feel taken care of and also motivate them to continue their hard work in the Group. I do believe that such gestures by the company has produced high morale staff with positive attitudes and professionalism, and members who are more than willing to take up their time and effort doing something that they enjoy.

There was so much to learn within the Group and I have never met a more passionate and strong-willed group of people who helped each other to achieve the success of the team. I was inspired by great personalities and how they progress together as a team.

Even though it was a short period of time, I am grateful to have been given an opportunity to experience the world of Cockett Marine Oil and look forward to keeping in touch with all."

Maxine Luo completed a 9-month Internship in our China office on 30 May 2020:

"I was so glad to join the Cockett Shanghai office family as an intern in September 2019 and enjoyed my time here with my colleagues for nine months. I am very grateful to my colleagues for their enthusiasm and warm help during this period.

Cockett is a very loving company to me. We held various activities to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve together. What’s made it unforgettable is that we buy every colleague a birthday cake which he or she likes and sing a song for them together. From those small activities, I do feel the Cockett cares for its employees - they really treat everyone as family member.

During my time in Cockett, I also learned a lot from my colleagues. Every time I encountered a problem, they would eagerly help me solve it, and even extended to teach me more things related to the subject afterwards. I really feel the atmosphere of mutual support and growth amongst my colleagues. Getting along with everyone makes me love my work more and really want to help make this company better.

During the outbreak of Covid-19, Cockett also holds biweekly global meetings to discuss the current situation with everyone. It can be seen that Cockett attaches great importance to every employee. I also feel the strength of everyone's unity in the face of such virus.

All in all, it was my honour to have nine months of internship in such a warm company and I was delighted to earn a permanent job after."